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Justin Irabor

Justin Irabor is an illustrator, artist and character designer who lives in the delightfully teeth-jarring city of Lagos, where he spends an unhealthy amount of time making terrible drawings [and, by sheer luck, occasionally good ones]. 

While he does not have an art degree, he has spent enough time on YouTube tutorials to be considered at least semi-educated in the dark arts of…the arts. 

Apart from his personal projects, he has done illustrations for such fine clients and people like Jumia Food, Custodian PLC, Farafina, Ouida books, Purit and South Africa’s 10 and 5. 

He has had one art exhibit under his belt - at the Nigerian Satire Festival in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2017- and liked the experience enough to not wince at the idea of future exhibitions. 

He makes the occasionally amusing comic about Nigerian life on Obaranda.com, and hopes to one day publish a graphic novel.